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Aron Green, MD., specializes in care of the foot and ankle. This includes total ankle arthroplasty, post traumatic and congenital reconstruction, reconstruction of acquired deformities, sports injuries, and diabetic / rheumatologic foot care.

Emerging Technology in the Foot and Ankle: Total Ankle Arthroplasty

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Ankle arthritis is fundamentally different from hip and knee arthritis; historically, the treatment has been different as well.  Ankle arthritis is most frequently post traumatic in nature —usually occurring after a significant fracture or bone trauma. However, we are now finding that multiple episodes of instability, i.e., simple ankle sprains, can lead to the development [...]

Bunions: a Brief Overview & What to Expect

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  There are many types of bunion: mild, medium, large, and severe.  They are all part of the continuum of deformity.  Bunion deformities generally occur in women, more than men. They can also be congenital in nature — those that are, generally occur in teenagers.  Bunions occurring later life are typically caused by a combination [...]