When asked what attracted him to the field of orthopaedic surgery, Dr. Parcells will tell you that patient outcomes drew him to this specialty. For other medical disciplines, results can sometimes be a bit more difficult to measure. However, Dr. Parcells views his specialty as an opportunity to noticeably improve his patient’s quality of life. “I have patients that come in a wheelchair, and after surgery, they’re walking out of the hospital and getting back to all the activities they haven’t been able to do for over 10 years. I find that ability to make a big impact in people’s lives very gratifying,” says Dr. Parcells.

For individuals considering partial or total knee replacement, there is a hope that they’ll be able to return to foregone pastimes. Roseann M.’s story exemplifies the fulfillment of this hope, because after a partial knee replacement with Dr. Parcells, dancing is in the near future for the active 76-year-old. In February 2019, we published a video testimonial of Roseann sharing her post-surgery experience. Recently, the good folks over at Monmouth Medical Center’s Healthy Together Magazine caught up with Roseann and Dr. Parcells, to learn more about the strides she’s made thanks to her partial knee replacement. Both the video testimonial and magazine article can be viewed below. Enjoy.