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seaview-gymSeaview Physical Therapy brings a new dimension to our practice and to our treatment of sports medicine. We have physical therapists and support staff entirely dedicated to the physical restoration of optimal health and function. Our experienced Therapy staff works together with our medical team to develop and deliver a coordinated exercise and home program that is customized to your individual needs.

Our locations are state-of -the art. Our staff is highly trained, coming from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Amongst us, we have a certified hand therapist; Maitland certified therapists, therapists certified as clinical instructors and therapists certified in YOGA, Pilates and REIKI.

Each of our facilities maintains our culture of highly ethical and personalized care delivered in an upbeat and motivating atmosphere. Our results are superior because we love what we do and we truly care about the outcomes we achieve with our clients. We help make your rehabilitation experience as productive and enjoyable as possible.

  • Certified Hand Therapist on Staff
  • Treatment Plan Coordinated with your Physician
  • One-on-One Treatment with Licensed Therapists
  • Most Major Insurances Accepted
  • Medicare Accepted
  • Workers Compensation Accepted
  • Auto Insurance Accepted
  • Modern Line of Exercise Equipment
  • Motivated and Experienced Staff

The following article features Seaview Orthopaedic’s Director of Physical Therapy Varsha Pohuja: Physical Therapy Meets Pilates, Monmouth Health & Life Magazine

Expanded Services:

Seaview Orthopaedic Medical Associates has expanded its Physical Therapy department. We now provide Functional Capacity Evaluations, Work Hardening/Conditioning, and we are now a Certified Worksteps® Provider.

Certified Worksteps® Provider

  • Determine Worker Capability for New Hires
  • Match Current Employees to Safe and Appropriate Job Positions
  • Quantify Legitimate Injuries and Disqualify Non-Legitimate Injuries
  • Expedite Rehabilitation and Return-to-Work Post Injury

Work Hardening/Conditioning

  • Program designed to restore physical capacity and function to enable client’s return to work using or simulating work activities.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

  • Method used to determine an individual’s safe and maximal performance of specific work-related tasks.
  • Click here to view an informative brochure on Seaview’s Functional Employment Testing.



  • Seaview Physical Therapy now offers Acupuncture treatment.
  • “Acupuncture treatments focus not only on fixing the current health issues but also places great emphasis on preventative care and maintenance by restoring and balancing the nervous system, regulating the production of hormones, and strengthening the immune system”